I've decided to discontinue kakampinks.com on October mid-week! Backup/migrate your accounts please!

instagram.com/p/CiJlyv6udX8/ Forty Hands is closing down! Big blow to that area and Tiong Bahru in general. I've heard some people only moved there because of this specialty cafe.

„Declare Darryl Yap as Persona Non Grata in Bicol” - Jetzt unterschreiben! chng.it/G4n74SMm via @[email protected]

So many great 6800u handhelds coming out this year but I'd rather wait out for Zen4/RDNA3 SKUs as those will be entering the 5nm (Apple M1) efficiency territory and coming no later than end of Q4. 5nm will be big for Linux for this decade and the next!

I think the whole iPad library is now available for M1. I was checking games on my mbp to install to the ipad and everything is now available for my mbp too. apps.apple.com/de/story/id1535

planning to do mob programming with my team! let's see if they'll accept my proposal

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